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Hello! My name is Kendall Halliburton. I earned a Media Studies Bachelor of Arts degree and Creative Writing minor with a concentration in Film Studies and Production from UC Berkeley. I have experience in various roles such as content writing, project management, and marketing. At the heart of what I do has always been storytelling. I aspire to continue working and expanding in the fields of photography and filmmaking while utilizing my creative writing background.

My personal aesthetic combines the intimate immediacy of photojournalism and the structural conventions of narrative film to create dreamlike realism. Among my greatest inspirations include photographer-turned-filmmaker Agnès Varda, experimental film pioneer Maya Deren, photo-based artist Deana Lawson, and renaissance artist Yumna Al-Arashi.

I value environmentalism, disability inclusion, and equality for all (puppies and good music included). To read an interview about me and my work, check out this link: VoyageLa

Based in Los Angeles.

Select Clients:

Refinery29, Amass Brands, Harley Davidson, Olay, Dolce & Gabbana