My poem "Transplant Shock," earned the 2nd Place Award for the Pacific-Western division in the 2018 Literary Magazine Competition from the Community College Humanities Association, a national organization that annually honors excellence  in campus publications (visit this link to view award: https://www.cchumanities.org/about-ccha/awards-and-opportunities/awards-2/literary-magazine-competition/literary-magazine-contest-winners-individual-2018/). This poem was published in the nationally renowned 2017 Edition WALL Literary Journal. Click here to view poem (page 90). 

In addition, my poem "Synthesis" was published in the 2018 edition of WALL Literary Journal. Click here to view (page 87). 


My essay titled "The Dichotomy Between Good Fortune and Skill," earned the Exemplary Argumentative Writing Award from the One Book One College committee of Saddleback College. This essay discusses and challenges notions of luck and hard-work ethics surrounding Dan-el Padilla Peralta's book Undocumented, a remarkable autobiographical story about his journey from the slums of New York to Princeton University and eventually Stanford University. At an event hosted in his honor, Peralta and I discussed the merits of my essay and critical thoughts regarding immigration politics in 21st century America. Please email me if you have further questions or inquiries. 

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